The ultimate real-time audio playback software

Uniquely designed for your sound effects, audio drops & jingles

Available on Google Play and App Store


Powerful sampler

KueIt Mobile can be used in many settings

  • Broadcasting

    Replace large bulky machines with cost-effective software

  • DJing

    Play all your drops, jingles, and sound effects

  • Live Events

    Performers, arm yourself with an arsenal of audio files at your finger tips

  • Stadium

    Instantly trigger the appropriate sound for the big play

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Simple powerful interface

Load audio from your device or cloud
Customize your layout

KueIt Mobile gives you the flexibilty you need. Load up to 20 audio tracks per profile and customize your layout. Trigger your drops, jingles, sound effects and songs instantly by the touch of your fingertips

Packed with amazing features

  • Trigger sounds instantly with zero delay
  • Fine tune your tracks by using our easy-to-use editor
  • Load your own tracks or our ready-to-go audio sounds from the KueIt Cloud
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Access the KueIt Cloud for ready-to-go sounds

Our cloud covers different sound types including sound fx, voice tracks, beat loops, percussion & more!

* KueIt Cloud access is only offered for Pro Plan users
Pro Plan available via in-app purchase

See KueIt in action

KueIt was designed for the serious DJ, producer, or broadcaster. The easy yet reliable performance of KueIt makes it perfect for radio, nightclubs, TV, live concerts, sporting events, school gymnasiums, and anywhere that quality music, jingles, or sound effects are needed. Don't compromise the outcome of your event or broadcast. Go with the system that works... KueIt

KueIt Mobile Features
The go-to sampler for DJs and live performers
  • Create

    Easily add audio clips to your profile and play them with zero delay

  • Edit

    Edit name & volume. Set up loops & start/end points via waveform

  • Go Live

    Instantly play your loaded audio clips at the touch of your fingertips

  • Professionalize

    Get studio quality audio. Works with class-compliant soundcards

  • Organize

    Create custom profiles and assign up to 20 audio clips for each

  • Customize

    Set the grid layout, font & pad colors of each pad

  • Transport

    Use KueIt on your iOS/Android phone or tablet

  • Backup

    Export/import saved profiles to your iCloud/Google Drive

Easy to use interface

Designed to easily load, edit and customize your profiles. Once loaded, your pads are ready to be triggered instantly